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We offer flexibility in travel arrangements allowing you to plan your holidays in conjunction with any Drukair's flights

Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines, in the past has played a supporting role to the growing travel industry since when Bhutan was just beginning to open its doors to tourism in 1990s. Even though Drukair Holidays as an extension of the airline to promote and market Bhutan was conceived many years ago, it was never aggressively pursued.

With more importance being placed in tourism there has been a growing need for the airline to also utilize its resources in increasing distribution points in promoting our country through its interline partners and its agencies worldwide, complimenting the already vibrant tourism industry by emphasizing more on the seasons which are less visited.

Today, Drukair Holidays is a full fledged tour operations extension of the airline, providing ground handling services to Drukair’s passengers that includes complete tour packages and services for both leisure and corporate travelers traveling to Bhutan and to any of Drukair operating sectors.

Established to provide consistent standard of service from air to ground, you can rely on us to take care of your Bhutan travel experience from beginning to end.

Amazing Package Deals

You don’t need to worry about booking everything separately, you can rely on us to take care of your Bhutan travel experience from beginning to end.

Safety, Standard and Service Excellance

We are continuously finding ways to improve ourselves in providing the best of Bhutan travel experiences in keeping with our core values.

Best prices and options

It’s never too late to find a Bhutan package, even if you’re waiting until the last minute to decide whether you want to go.

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