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UPSCALE Living Magazine

DATE PUBLISHEDFebruary 2019 Edition

By Jyoti Balani

After a fabulous time in Paro, I was driven to Thimpu city which is about an hour away from Paro. The drive from Paro to Thimpu is gorgeous with superb sights of the river flowing, snowcapped mountains, stunning scenery with rice paddies cascading down magnificent mountains, the pristine river that flows through the main towns of Paro and Thimphu and unique two- story houses with brightly painted window designs. Bhutan also known as the ‘Land of Dragons’ is a Buddhist Kingdom located in the Himalayas and is not only known for its spectacular monasteries and natural beauty but also for it’s ‘Gross National Happiness’. This makes Bhutan not only a unique destination to explore beauty and spirituality but also a place one can slow down and contemplate about life’s priorities.